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We believe that managing food a intolerance doesn’t have to mean soulless food. Delicious plant based meals for restricted diets delivered. 

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Food You Can Eat

If you have  a food sensitivity it can be hard to find foods that don’t cause symptoms when you’re on the go or too busy to cook meals from scratch. Signing up for our nutritionist approved natural food plans means you’ll always have hassle free safe food. 

How It Works

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Choose Your Meal Plan

Select your plan and choose the meals you’d like to eat for the week.

Receive Your Delivery

Meals are delivered to your home, workplace or even your yoga studio. And if you need to pause for a week just lettuce know. 

Plate & Enjoy

Most meals are prepared for you to plate and enjoy with minimal cooking or prep. 

Food Plans

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RELIEVE ME Histamine Free Meals

Food Allergies/ Histamine Free

This program is for those with multiple food sensitivities and inflammatory bowel conditions, histamine intolerance and more.

yes, you can have pie

REFRESH ME 10 Day Detox

Detox – 10 days 

This program is for those that would like an overall proactive detoxification conducted in 10 day increments up to 90 days, refreshing your system of any internal an external toxins (beneficial to those that have tried to loose weight or tried other programs with little to no success. This diet excludes chocolate, caffeine and artificial sweeteners.


RECHARGE ME 10 Day Weight Loss

Weight loss – 10 day

This program is for those who would like to shed a few pounds. It is an introduction into healthier options that can complement a lifestyle transition for long term results. This plan consists of a diet full of rich nutrients and less inflammatory options to choose from. 


RESCUE ME Anti-imflammatory

Anti Inflammatory

This program is for those with autoimmune conditions that could benefit from a break from inflammatory foods. This program contains nutrient dense options with antioxidant power. 


Not sure which plan to choose?

Our nutritionist April will help you select a plan or develop a custom plan.

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